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The Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT) from 2015 to 2018 will be the leader of a European project with the participation of 10 nations whose title is Global Schools: EYD 2015 to embed Global Learning in primary education.

For Italy, in addition to representatives of Trentino, partnership  sees the presence of CVM and the Marche Region.

Activities include the spread of global education in the curricula of primary schools (unlike what happens in the European project Critical review … led by CVM and aimed at secondary schools) and provide for a strong involvement of the various local authorities in Europe.

The purpose of long-term

is therefore a cultural change in teaching, designed to make students more aware of the mechanisms of historical, geographical and social factors that favor the reduction of poverty, the protection of human rights, the promotion of sustainable lifestyles.

The specific objective

is to design and promote models of Global learning in primary education replicable by schools in similar systems through the creation of a European network of 155 schools that in a structured manner integrate Global learning in their curriculum.


Activities proposed

The Experts groups & the International Scientific Committee will focus on the provision of technical expertise to embed Global learning competences in the curriculum:

  • analysis of the curricula to identify entry points for Global learning, identification of key Global learning competences to be included in the curriculum,
  • provision of methodological advice for i) the production of educational resources and ii) for teacher training.

The training of Local authorities will help them to promote Global learning in primary education and lead the Multi-stakeholder “roundtables”

The  international seminar for Local authorities will allow for comparing roles and Global learning experiences of Local authorities across 10 EU countries.

The roundtables will be places for Local authorities, NGOs, schools, training centres and universities to get to know each other, exchange views and experiences and plan joint work to raise awareness on Global learning issues and promote Global learning in school practice. Depending on the situation in the country, “roundtables” will be chaired by Local authorities or NGOs.

The production of Global learning educational resources is essential for curriculum development: educational committees composed of teachers and experts will produce the material that will be tested and used in teacher training. This is key to equip teachers with the competences to use Global learning resources in the cLocal authoritiessroom.

Teacher training will be documented through an action research to understand what works in terms of approaches and what are the changes in teaching practices. This in turn will influence the design of future teacher training which will occur by european exchanges as well

NGOs will be trained to facilitate co-teaching of Global learning by teachers and NGOs

Sharing of experiences between co-applicants will be facilitated through awareness on Global learning issues and promote Global learning in school practice.